Our Arc Melting Furnace is effective for powder melting, arc casting, metallic and non-metallic buttons, compound synthesis and material densification.

The ARC melting furnace features ease of operation, dependability, versatility, and affordability while offering instant high temperature and extremely pure melts. This furnace accepts a variety of hearth configurations and can accommodate a titanium getter. Because of its simplicity, ease of internal access and small volume, TTs ARC melting furnace is easily purged allowing specimens to be rapidly formed with a high purity.

The ARC melting furnace consists of a water-cooled stainless steel bell jar hinged to a fixed baseplate. The electrode (stinger) shaft penetrates the top of the bell jar. The stinger is sealed at the top of the bell jar by means of a ball joint and stainless steel bellows. The hearth is water-cooled copper with interchangeable top surface. Various cavity configurations can be provided in the hearth top surface. Light and window ports facilitate inside observation. Clamps are provided for operation at a slightly positive pressure. Pressure compensation for “zero feel” is incorporated into the seal design. Provision is made for attachment to a vacuum pump for evacuation prior to back-filling with inert gas. Also included are ports and gauges for inert gas.

Arc Melting Furnace Specifications

  • Max Temp: over 3000°C
  • Light: Located at bell jar top
  • Hearth: 9” (22.9 cm) O.D. water-cooled copper
  • Bell Jar: 10”(24.4cm) dia. x 11½” high (29.2cm) Stainless Steel water-jacketed
  • Stinger Tip: ¼” (6.4 mm) dia. Thoriated Tungsten Rod
  • Arc Starter: ¼” (6.4 mm) dia. Thoriated Tungsten Rod
  • Base Plate: 18.5” (47 cm) dia. Aluminum
  • Window: View port at bell jar top
  • Typical Sample Size: 1/2″ – 3″ dia. (13mm – 76mm)

Arc Melting Furnace Requirements

  • Electrical: Up to 1000 amps D.C. welding-type power supply
  • Water: 4 GPM @ 50 PSI and 70°F (30.4 LPM @ 3.5 kgs/cm²)
  • Evacuation Pump: 2 CFM (56.6 LPM) vacuum pump
  • Inert Gas: 2-10 CFM (56.6 – 283.2 LPM)

Typical System

A typical system consists of Basic Furnace, Evacuation Kit, Inert Gas Kit, Power Cables, Power Supply and Base Cabinet

Bell Jar

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