February 2, 2007 – ob体育比分, LLC changed ownership in February 2007. Matt Mede is the new co-owner, president and CEO of the privately held company which specializes in the design and manufacturing of high temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for the advanced processing of metals, ceramics, glass, quartz and crystal growing applications. ob体育比分 has a world-wide reputation for high technology, expertise and quality service.

ob体育比分 has over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, and was formed with the merger of Astro Industries and Richard Brew & Company. “Not everyone is aware of ob体育比分’s pedigree. I plan to capitalize on our expertise and expand into new markets, offering new technologies and capabilities,” says Mede.

Mede partnered with the Austrian company INTECO Special Melting Technologies to purchase ob体育比分, LLC. INTECO provides steel making and re-melting technology throughout the world. The separate but related industries and diversified economies are expected to benefit both companies.

ob体育比分, LLC is located in Santa Rosa, CA and maintains offices in Concord, New Hampshire, a subsidiary operation in Bavaria, Germany and a recently opened sales and service office in Beijing, China.

Mede was previously president of ALD Vacuum Technologies, Inc. in East Windsor, Connecticut.